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experiences while living in any building is dependent upon expert and proficient management. Our priorities are focused upon providing responsive service, maintaining and improving the building structure and systems, and maximizing the property value while meeting financial expectations.

It's About Knowing the Issues in the Building
At Premium Property Management, we've studied the issues that most effect residential building management and have developed a wide range of services to best meet the needs of residents and owners.

Every building detail is as important to us as it is to our residents -- the training and appearance of building staff, the reliability of mechanical systems, the responsible handling of major capital improvements, the introduction of amenities that enhance residents' lifestyles, and an understanding of the environment that makes each building distinct and unique.

It's About Great People Achieving Great Results
We have found success primarily because we attract and employ exceptional

managers. These are professionals who have considerable experience in residential property management and are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct. As a result, we have earned recognition for:

Achieving a superior ranking for responsiveness among our own clientele, as well as winning numerous awards for management performances

Having a unique emergency management system that is readily available and responds to crises overnight and on holidays and weekends.

It's About Having An Unmatched Depth of Service
Our diversity of service allows us the flexibility to embrace the unique features of each building and its residents.

An experienced property manager works with each client to deliver all the essential services necessary to keep a building running efficiently. In addition, we assign a financial analyst (typically holding the CPA designation) to each account who works with the board or ownership to create and track the building's budget and make monthly cash flow projections. Overseeing this entire process is our senior executive staff who are fully accessible to boards and residents, and are actively involved on a daily basis in meeting the needs of our clients.

It's About Us Helping to Make the Difference
Time is valuable. Our goal is to supply the experience and knowledge to enable our clients to concentrate their efforts on establishing policies and making decisions to best position their property in today's continuously changing and highly competitive market place.

Premium Property Management
Washington DC'S Best Management Company

Premium Property Management is the most comprehensive residential real estate management firm in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. With headquarters in Virginia and site offices throughout the district, we offer expert management of co-op, condominium and rental properties throughout the District, Maryland, and Virginia.

Premium Property Management, with its extensive resources, is able to treat each building based on its unique needs.

It's About Providing High Quality, Cost-Effective Living
We know that the quality of life each resident